Front Range Cargo Bikes

Welcome. This shop is a labor of love. In a previous life I was an educator that spent my free time riding around in the mountains west of town. Soon I found myself pulled down into the flatlands, where I commenced riding a cruiser bike around Boulder’s bike paths (the first incarnation of this shop “Cruiser Boutique” paid homage to those days). I bought my first cargo bike, an Xtracycle freeradical that I built into a music bike. While in Grad school at CU Denver, the shop was conceived as a hobby. After graduating I found the shop was gathering momentum…. my Freeradical found itself pushed past its limits (it had a good life!) and I started looking at cargo bikes to carry in the shop. Which takes us to right now. My job is to help spread the good news… biking is a step toward happiness. Please step into my workshop of wonder.