Electric Bikes and Kits

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes make replacing your car easy.  The advantages of using an electric bike around town are numerous.  Save time, save money and have fun doing it!

Benno Boost in the natural world Electric Bikes
Our Benno Boost demo overlooks traffic from the bike path along Highway 36.
Xtracycle Edgerunner 10e
The Xtracycle Edgerunner 10e, powered by Bosch. With family kit and Yepp seat.


  • save time as you can ride faster
  • no license, insurance, registration….
  • no more need to shower at the office
  • dress as warm as you like in the winter
  • crush hills
  • charge into headwinds
  • laugh as you ride by gas stations

There are many styles and types of e-bikes on the market these days.  After years of experience, we are very selective about the brands we carry and service.  There are many less expensive options out there… however quality is not something we car to sacrifice.  Often times inexpensive bikes end up being cheap, meaning servicing them is not.  As a result we focus on three brands that offer great customer service, availability of parts,high quality batteries and reliable, powerful motors.

Haul-A-Day e-Rad
The custom built Bike Friday Hau-a-Day paired with a 350w e-Rad motor.
electric trike
One of our favorite custom builds, a Sun EZ-3 recumbent trike paired with a 350w e-Rad
Xtracycle at Boulder Airport
This Xtracycle Edgerunner with e-Rad 750w motor is cleared for take off!
Mundo with Burly
This custom Yunba Mundo has an e-Rad 750w, a custom Burly attachment, and a pair of yellow Yepp seats