Benno Boost

Benno Boost with Bosch
The $3999 Benno Boost includes racks, Supernova lights and metal fenders.
Benno Boost on Goose Creek
Our demo Benno Boost on the Goose Creek Bike Path
Benno Boost in the natural world
Our Benno Boost demo overlooks traffic from the bike path along Highway 36.

The Boost sets itself apart from almost every other e-bike on the market today.  Impeccably designed from the ground up, this bike is a must ride before choosing an electric bike.  The Bosch motor is smooth and reliable, while the frame can accommodate a rider of almost any size.   Paired with smaller than typical tires, this


  • Bosch Mid-Drive motor
  • 24″ wheels paired with durable tires offer amazing handling
  • 10 speed drivetrin
  • 110 Lb capacity rear rack
  • Deore hydraulic brakes
  • Supernova front and rear lights
  • Tons of accessories, including a frame mount front rack, Yepp seat and panniers
  • Metal fenders

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