Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow Bakfiet


The Bosch equipped Urban Arrow is one of the most refined child carrying bikes on the planet.  With its long wheelbase and 20″ front wheel, operating the Urban Arrow sometimes feels more like piloting a kayak rather than riding a bike.  It is important to look ahead, as this bike doesn’t have a short turning radius and going over curbs is not possible.  The upright Dutch styling of this machine encourages you to watch where you are going.  The time it takes to adjust to maneuvering such a rig is rewarded once you become comfortable,  Leaning the bike through corners is ridiculously fun.  By fat the best attribute of the Urban Arrow is having your precious cargo in sight the entire time.  A rear facing bench seat or Yepp mount makes it possible to make eye contact with your children, and having conversations with passengers is easy with the bakfiet design.  The front “bucket” is made of thick foam that is reinforced with aluminum tubing.

Urban Arrow holding on
These two wish the demo would last forever.
Urban Arrow Family
These kids have pretty strong feelings about the Urban Arrow
Santa's Helper
The Urban Arrow will replace your car (or sleigh) for trips around town.


Dutch Design Highlights:

  • built in lights
  • fenders
  • bell
  • frame lock
  • Nuvinci drivetrain
  • Shimano Hydraulic brakes
  • low step through frame
  • foot holds let kids climb in
  • super comfy saddle
  • wonderful kickstand
  • encased chain


  • box cover
  • canopy topper
  • front bench seat
  • rear rack

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