Cleary Bicycles

Cleary Bicycles

Available in many sizes and colors, Cleary Bicycles will change the way your child rides bikes.  High quality components and frames make for lighter than normal kids’ bikes. Coupled with modern mountain bike geometry, your child will be able to keep up on the path or trail.  These bikes all come with pneumatic tires, child sized hand operated brakes and  chromoly steel frames.

Cleary Gecko torture test
The Cleary Gecko is small but packs a lot of punch!

Cleary Hedgehog Customer
This guy earned marbles to pay for his Hedgehog.
Cleary Hedgehog, Sorta Pink
The 16″ Cleary Hedgehog in Sorta Pinkis ready for Valmont Bike Park!
Cleary stock
Cleary Stock is constantly rotating, stop in or give us a ring to see what is hanging around!

 Cleary Starfish

Cleary Starfish, Sorta Pink
At $199, the 12″ Cleary Starfish is the coolest balance bike on the market. Available in Very Orange, Sorta Pink and Midnight Blue

Cleary Gecko


Cleary Gecko
The $250 Cleary Gecko will turn your beginner rider into a single track ripper. Available in Very Orange, Sorta Pink or Powder Blue

Cleary Hedgehog

Cleary Hedgehog Blue
The $315 Cleary Hedgehog with 16″ wheels is the ideal upgrade to keep your young cyclist on track. Available in Midnight Blue, Sorta Pink or Very Orange

Cleary Owl


Cleary Bicycles Owl 20"
The $360 Cleary Owl has 20″ wheels. Available in Very Orange, Sorta Pink, and powder blue.

Cleary Meerkat

Cleary Meerkat Green
At $650, The Cleary Meerkat 24″ bike is ready for big adventures. Available in Sorta Pink, Astro Turf Green or Very Orange

Please call (303) 263-6549 or email for current inventory.

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