E-Rad Systems

E-Rad offers the best systems for upgrading your current bike to an electric powerhouse.  Featuring both pedal assist and a throttle option, the E-Rad kit offers more power and options than almost any other manufacturer.  The batteries and motors are both covered by one year warranties so they also offer peace of mind.  Three choices of motor size and four battery options allow you to custom build your dream machine.  All motors come with Lekie Bling Rings (although we do have other custom options), a shift sensor that will help protect your drivetrain and several options regarding brake sensors.

Motor Options

The 350 watt mid drive system is the most affordable option, yet still offers more power than the competition.  This is the best bet for modifying bikes with v-brakes, keeping to a budget and is the most efficient of our add on options.

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The 750 watt is out most popular system.  It now comes as an official option on Yuba Mundos and over the years we have set up numerous cargo bikes with this motor.  The power it offers is great for cargo bikes and it is recommended that bikes have disc brakes for this application.

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The 1000 watt option is a real monster.  We have installed several on cargo bikes.  It is extremely powerful and can attain speeds that surpass what the typical bicycle was designed for.  We encourage de-tuning this systems to 750 watts, first of all so that it is still legal on the paths.  The big advantage of this system is it’s size.  It is significantly larger than the regular 750 watt, resulting in larger internal gears which add longevity to the motor’s life span.  This motor barely breaks  a sweat while it’s smaller brethren are red lining.  If the mountain are calling and you carry large loads of cargo, this is the system for you.

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Battery Options

Slim down tube lithium ion batteries come in three different capacities.  9 amp hour, 11.6 amp hour and 14 amp hour.  These batteries typically mount directly to your bikes frame via the water bottle mounts.  They lock in place and can be charged while on the bike or off the bike.  Buying a high quality battery is very important, as cheaply produced batteries are dangerous.  All E-Rad batteries come with a charger, mounting tray, keys and a one year warranty.

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Notes about range:

  • It is important to match the size of your battery to the size of your motor.  The 1000 watt motor paired to the 9 amp hour battery is probably not ideal.
  • Elevation change, cargo weight, temperature, wind and riding style all influence battery performance
  • Using the throttle from a stand still not only drains your battery quickly, but can also put undue stress on the motor.


We have successfully installed many E-Rad kits.  Installation is free on bikes and motor systems purchased from our shop.  Installation on walk in bikes is $150.  This price includes racing and facing the bottom bracket shell so that the motor mount gains better purchase on the frame.