We are not a rental shop per se, but we do offer a take home demo program with our cargo bikes. Choose the bike you like from our demo fleet and we can work up a cost for renting it on the days that the shop is closed. The $100 fee is then credited toward a bike purchase. This allows you to see how the bike handles the challenging hill on your commute, what shopping by bike has to offer and shows the amount of fun your family has been missing out on.

In addition to the demo bikes, we also rent e-bike friendly racks for those times you would like to take your bikes for a road trip ($25 pre day), Bosch battery rentals for that long ride that gives you range anxiety ($20/day) and we are now offering Lenzsport ski bike rentals at $75/day.

Ski bikes are a ton of fun, but there are a few things to keep in mind with the rental. First of all, safety is always a priority and most resorts require a leash (which we provide with the rental). Secondly, transporting these bikes is a little difficult unless you have a truck or van. There just aren’t many bike racks out there that are designed for hauling ski bikes.