Tern Cargo Node/Xtracycle Leap

Tern Cargo Node

Tern Cargo Node
The $1800 Tern Cargo Node is a unique bike with a lot of practical features at a reasonable price.
Tern Cargo Node, folded
Tern Cargo Node: Tern/Xtracycle partner to create an amazingly portable full size cargo bike.

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The first time the team encountered the Tern Cargo Node was at Interbike before the impressive Kickstarter campaign.   We already had spent time on the Tern Cargo Joe and were excited to see the updated version, featuring the first available Xtracycle Leap extension.  One ride with a full grown passenger teetering on the back and we were hooked.

The Xtracycle Leap attachment allows the use of some of Xtracycle most popular accessories, including the Hooptie, U-Tubes, Magic Carpet and up to two Yepp seats.  Don’t worry, this bike also offers the option of a frame mount front basket.  Of course we keep all the accessories on hand and install them for free with the purchase of the bike.

The Tern Cargo Node wants to take you places, whether maneuvering around tight city streets to shuttling kids and firewood around the campground, this bike is easy to keep close by.  Fold it up at he office after taking your youngest to school or keep it in the back of the van for when parking at the soccer game is scarce.

What makes this bike extra special:

  • folds for easy storage
  • amazingly stiff for an extended folding bike
  • Tern Andros stem
  • 24″ inch wheels offer lower center of gravity and good shock absorption
  • generator light system
  • fenders
  • Xtracycle Standalone Kickstand and X2 bags included
  • hydraulic disc brakes
  • reflective tires

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